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Alcudia Car Rental

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Gastronomy: Its typical dishes are not far from those of the island, as it is a coastal area, seafood is the order of the day and the closer to the sea you are, the better quality you can find.

Beaches: The beach that we most recommend is Son Serra de Marina, it is a very protected beach that can only be accessed by car, but the experience is worth it. It is one of the most visited enclaves by surfers because due to its location, very enjoyable waves are formed.

Leisure: One of the main attractions of Alcudia is its walled city. This belongs to medieval times and is a must in the area. Also not to be missed is the Church of Sant Jaume, a church that collapsed in the middle of the 19th century and which, when rebuilt, has mixed the original aspects with the neo-Gothic ones of the time.

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Fast and easy

Great service and easy rental. The processing was also in German. The car was perfectly fine and served its purpose very well. We booked the car from/to Alcudia. The rental station is relatively central and was a 10 minute walk from our hotel.

Thomas Schmerz


Will come back sure

(Translated by Google) Booked in Germany, everything went well. The delivery and collection of the car as agreed. Over and over again! 👍

Wolfgang Engels


The best beaches


Playa de Alcudia or Playa del Puerto de Alcudia is the main beach in the area. Although it is one of the most touristic beaches in Mallorca, the lack of tall buildings and the presence of palm and pine trees give this beach a natural and rugged beauty.


This is an ideal place to dive with goggles and a snorkel tube and see the number of fish and octopuses that hide among the rocks. On this beach, there is also a small island, climb up carefully and jump into the water.

Que saber de su alquiler en Alcúdia

¿Cuál es el precio del seguro HiperPlus en Alcúdia?

Cubre todos los supuestos excepto negligencia y/o infracción grave o muy grave. El precio depende del grupo de vehículo seleccionado, consulte los precios al completo en nuestra sección de extras.

¿Disponen los coches de GPS?

Puede seleccionar a la hora de hacer su reserva la opción de GPS garantizado por 5€/día (máximo 100€).

¿Cuál es el horario de apertura de la oficina?

Horario de oficina: de abril a octubre de 8:00 a 13:00 y de 17:00 a 20:00. De noviembre a marzo: Cerrado (cubrimos servicio).

¿Pueden entregarme el coche en el hotel?

Entrega en Hotel: 24 euros por entrega. El servicio de entrega en Hotel no está disponible para alquileres de 1 día.

Devolución en Hotel: 24 euros por devolución. El servicio de devolución en Hotel no está disponible para alquileres de 1 día.