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Gastronomy: If you travel to Menorca you cannot miss its incredible offer of fish and shellfish, the typical food of the land comes almost entirely from the sea, since the diversity of species that we can find on its coasts is enviable. Thanks to this, UNESCO declared the island in 1993 a Biosphere Reserve.

One of the most typical dishes is the Lobster Stew, yes, make sure it is Menorcan, if not, you will be missing an incredible delicacy.

Beaches: Going to Menorca and not thinking about its beaches is almost impossible, a large part of its coast remains virgin thanks to which, we can find amazing places whose visit, even in winter, is mandatory.

One of the best beaches is undoubtedly Cala Turqueta. Its turquoise waters that give it its name, together with the white and fine sand of which it is composed, make this beach an authentic paradise. Nor can we forget Cala’n Bosch, also a very pretty cove and close to which we have one of our offices so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Leisure: Menorca, due to being a strategic point during the conquest of the Mediterranean, has a diversity of castles, towers and defense points to visit and soak up the culture. Among them, the Mola Fortress or the Marlboroug Fort stand out, both with the possibility of taking guided tours.

Menorca is also the cradle of the Talayotic culture due to this, we can find samples of this civilization around the entire island. One of its best-known buildings, and the oldest in Europe, is the Naveta des Tudons, located very close to Ciutadella.

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Very Recomended

Great place to rent a car in Menorca, serious, attentive, formal, here they don’t try to cheat you with gasoline or scratches like in other places, just for this reason it’s worth renting here. Very good prices and competent and polite staff (unlike in other places). Highly recommended.

Manuel Mateo


Incredible price

Parking 2 km from the airport, transfer service, you need to return the vehicle in the parking lot, or leave it at the airport with a surcharge. Competitive prices. Very friendly manager of the company, he personally took us to the airport because we were having a bad time and the usual transfer had just left. Recommendable.

Víctor Lopez


Customer Service 10/10

Highly recommended. At the airport we waited less than 10 minutes and the company’s transport picked us up and took us to the Hiper office, which is about 5 minutes away. Once there the staff was very friendly, to our surprise they did not try to sell us any extras, and they gave us the choice of the car (within the range we had rented). The car had some damage, they recorded it on the form, no problem returning it. Thank you very much!

Tulio Baracco


the best beaches


Cala Macarella rivals Cala Turqueta in the blue color of its waters, and is a perfect alternative to it. If you have time, we recommend you visit these two coves, which condense the Mediterranean essence of Menorca.


It is a very beautiful beach, with fine white sand and the classic turquoise waters that characterize the entire south coast of Menorca.


The virgin beaches of Algaiarens, also known as La Vall or La Vall d’Algaiarens, are the closest north coast beaches to Ciutadella.

Que saber de su alquiler en Mahón

¿Puedo sacar mi coche de la isla?

No está permitido trasladar el vehículo fuera de la Isla donde ha sido alquilado

¿Cuál es el precio del seguro HiperPlus en Mahón?

Cubre todos los supuestos excepto negligencia y/o infracción grave o muy grave. El precio depende del grupo de vehículo seleccionado, consulte los precios al completo en nuestra sección de extras.

¿Disponen los coches de GPS?

Puede seleccionar a la hora de hacer su reserva la opción de GPS garantizado por 5€/día (máximo 100€).

¿Cuál es el horario de apertura de la oficina?

Horario de oficina: Abril a Octubre de 8:00 a 22:00. De noviembre a marzo: Cerrado (cubrimos servicio de 9:00 a 21:00)

¿Pueden entregarme el coche en el hotel?

Entrega en Hotel: 24 euros por entrega. El servicio de entrega en Hotel no está disponible para alquileres de 1 día.

Devolución en Hotel: 24 euros por devolución. El servicio de devolución en Hotel no está disponible para alquileres de 1 día.

¿Puedo recoger el coche en el puerto de Menorca?

El coste del servicio de entrega o devolución en el puerto es de 30 euros.